Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a designer? 

There are a couple of answers to that loaded question! Going into a fabric store or furniture showroom can be pretty overwhelming if you are not sure where to start. If you have attempted this direction several times…but never purchased anything and your rooms still lack of furnishings, perhaps a Lori Levine Interiors Design Consult is what you need.

How does a “Design Consult” work? 

We will come out and do a complete review of your home, room by room. We can then provide you with a wealth of ideas, suggestions, recommendations and answers to your interior design questions and dilemmas! At this time, you can decide whether you want to implement these design solutions on your own or if you would like us to create a detailed agreement to work with you in making the changes and improvements suggested.  A one-time fee will be charged for this service.

If I would like you to work on my home how will I be billed? 

Design services are billed on an initial retainer, with a 10 hour minimum. It is understood that all furnishings, fabrics and wallcoverings selected from our trade sources will be charged at designer net plus 30% commission. This arrangement typically reflects a 20% discount off retail passed along to our clients! 

I have had some bad experiences and am wary of someone coming in and dictating their tastes to me! 

We can certainly understand that! Who hasn’t been in that situation at some point in their life.  Lori prides herself on being able to translate your tastes into a beautiful home that is a reflection of your personality.

Can I email some design questions to you?

Absolutely….we would be happy to provide you with inspiration! Click here to contact us